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February 20, 2018

In some ways, technology has made it easier for humans to get hurt: each day we hear news of car accidents, shootings, and identity thefts. But technology can also protect us from natural and man-made disasters. In fact, multiple gadgets on the market have been designed to and have successfully protected and even saved people from a variety of ills. Below is a sampling of some of the coolest and most useful gadgets currently available.


Bike lights

Those who like to go on night-time bike rides cannot do so without adequate bike lighting! From headlights to tail lights to spoke lights, there are a variety of options that can keep you safe from cars and other vehicles, and make you look cool as you pedal through the darkness.


Personal alarm keychains

If you live in the big city or are simply concerned about personal security in a world of kidnappers and random crazy criminals, a personal alarm keychain is a great accessory idea. Small and versatile with multiple different forms and features, a personal alarm keychain attaches to your keyring or purse and emits a piercing alarm when pressed. Personal alarm keychains can be disguised as mini teddy bears, or come with LED lights or a whistle in case you need to distract a potential abductor to make your getaway.


Carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, hijacking red blood cells without any signature scent or warning. That's why every home needs a carbon monoxide detector. Today's detectors can even "talk," that is, parents can make pre-recorded messages calling children to wake up and telling them what to do in case of emergency.



If you are a woman or have a woman friend in your life, it might be a good idea  to get a safelet, a safety bracelet with two buttons on the side which can send a message to a contact in a Guardian Network. If the person wearing the safelet is in danger, friends and family who see the alert can call 911 through the app. Safelet also syncs with smartphones to record audio.


SIREN rings

Another personal safety device disguised as jewelry is the SIREN ring, which when twisted emits a sound over 110 decibels and can be heard up to 50 feet away. The ring also comes with a brief one-second delay in case the user decides the situation no longer calls for it.


Fast-strike defense

Can you fight off an attacker? With the Fast Strike, you now can. Fast Strike is an easy-to-use non-lethal personal protection device that is effective against large animals and assailants, allowing potential victims to strike out multiple times in seconds with no special training.


Lipstick stun guns

Sounding like something out of a sci fi action flick, lipstick stun guns actually exist. Some even come with flashlights, and deliver millions of volts of charge to put off any would-be attacker.



The EasyLock is a portable temporary travel door lock that is light and small but secures doors in seconds, preventing break ins and giving you time to confirm a visitor before letting them in.


Silent Pocket

If you want to protect your smartphone, passport, credit card or other sensitive items from wireless signals, you may want to get a Silent Pocket. The Silent Pocket is a wallet that blocks out wireless signals, providing security and privacy for your important devices and sensitive information.



If you are ever stuck in a place without running water, the Lifesaverbottle might save your life. It instantly purifies and filters up to 4,000 liters of water quickly and easily.


The world is a vast and sometimes dangerous place. Although we cannot anticipate or prevent all problems, there are many simple and quick, even slick ways to protect yourself and your friends. With the help of these devices, hopefully you and your loved ones will be able to stay safe and enjoy life.

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