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Volvo LifePaint – A Spray-on Reflective Paint

November 02 2015 – Rudy Marquez

Volvo LifePaint – A Spray-on Reflective Paint
Volvo LifePaint – A Spray-on Reflective Paint
Volvo the car manufacturer teamed up with a Sweden-based start-up called Albedo 100 to make a temporary light reflective spray for cyclists, called Life Paint.

This safety spray contains powder-fine reflective particles that shine bright white when hit by a car’s headlights. The paint is invisible in daylight, but in the dark it reflects light in the same direction as the light source to illuminate the objects it has been sprayed on. Dispensed in a spray can, it’s a water-based spray that washes off over time, lasting for just an entire week after application.

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Volvo launched the paint to increase the visibility of cyclists on the road. The paint can be washed off, and with the spray able to hold its coat on, practically, any surface, allowing it to be applied to bags, shirts, helmets, dog leashes and obviously, bikes.

A trial began in London bike shops on 2 April to gauge public interest and 2,000 cans were given away. They were all gone within days. If you are lucky maybe you can still find some on sale on ebay.

The Sweden-based start-up Albedo 100 makes a light-reflective spray for metal, wood and plastic, an invisible reflective spray for textiles, and even a light-reflective spray for horse and pets.