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How Cyclists Ride in Extreme Environments

September 15 2018 – Rudy Marquez

How Cyclists Ride in Extreme Environments
How Cyclists Ride in Extreme Environments

Have you wondered about how cyclists can ride in crazy weather or in areas you never rode your bike before? While they make it seem easy, it can actually be quite difficult. Cyclists have to prepare their body and mind before going out. They have to know how the weather is going to be and how they are going to handle it. Riding in extreme weather, without the proper knowledge, can cause your body damage. An article called, How to cycle in extreme weathergives a good idea on just what you need to do and how to dress when cycling in those type of weather conditions. 


"They do say now in cycling that there's no such thing as bad weather - it's bad clothing." - Bradley Wiggins (a British former professional road and track racing cyclist)


Extreme weather and environments.

Cyclists take well into consideration the weather, where they are riding, and what type of clothes to wear before heading out. 

 Hot weather: To get your body used to heat, try going to a sauna. Your body will slowly become used to the heat making it easier to ride on those summer days. Make sure you have light, comfortable clothing on. Keep your skin safe by using sunscreen before you go out. Above all that, keep yourself hydrated. Having water with you is essential to cycling in the heat.

 Cold weather:  When cycling in the cold, make sure you have the important things covered up: feet, hands, and face. The less skin you have exposed the better it will be. You need to also layer up on clothing. Layering up can cause you to sweat, but it also keeps you warmer from the cold weather. Be sure to bring something extra with you in case the clothes you are wearing get more than a little wet. 

Rain: It is not recommended to ride while it is raining outside, but you should know how to react if a rainstorm happens while you are out. If you suspect it will rain, try to dress appropriately before leaving. Wear clothes that are waterproof or that won't soak up too much rain. An idea would be to wear a raincoat and rain pants. It is important to reduce your speed to give you more time to react to your surroundings. Like driving, going too fast in the rain may cause you to lose control which could result in injury. If you are riding on the road watch out for oil spills. They give off a rainbow tint in the rain and will cause the road to be slippery.

Riding on an unpaved path: While it can be fun to explore different parts of a trail or mountainside, make sure you know your way around where you are going. If you are going downhill, slow your speed as you may be unsure if there is an unexpected curve or turn ahead. Also, keep on the lookout for people who are walking to avoid running into them. Wildlife tends to live in these areas and not all are friendly. Remember to be cautious of your surroundings at all times. In addition, make sure to dress accordingly to where you are going and have water on hand as well. Whenever or wherever you may end up cycling, be sure to include safety gear. Being safe should be the top priority for any cyclists.

Remember to stay safe and have fun out there!