Due to the global bike shortage caused by the pandemic, our production plans have been affected tremendously, but we have GOOD NEWS: new Chromoly & Hi-Tensile Fixed Gear Bikes will be arriving in mid-September! Check back with us soon!

December 29, 2016

As Loco Cycles continues to expand nationwide and abroad, we found ourselves here again 2nd year in a row, attending as an exhibitor at one of the largest cycling conventions on the globe, Interbike 2016. Being the largest cycling convention in North America, Interbike is responsible for influencing some of the most significant trends and developments in the Bike Biz. Like we mentioned before, if cycling had a fashion week, Interbike would be it; dictating what's hot and what's not as well as everything that lays in between.


With double the booth space from last year, we were able to showcase all our signature lines from the Loco Fixie®, the FG Cruiser®, to the Loco Beach Cruisers. And as our product line continues to expand, we were able to debut our 5-speed gear option for the FG Cruiser® line and a 7-speed gear option for our Loco Beach Cruiser line. However, it was our new 2017 Loco Fixie® line that got the most buzz at our booth. From the 'Oil Slick" finish to Copper-plated frame styles, the attendees enjoyed seeing our clever yet subtle watermark designs, as well as quality parts and components upgrades with not too crazy of a price jump.    


This year's Interbike was held from Sep 21st - 23rd. As the Loco Cycles team flew out to Las Vegas, Nevada for the three day event being held at the world renowned Mandalay Bay Convention Center, we joined other bicycle companies, manufacturers, connoisseurs and entrepreneurs from all over the world to network, discuss and exchange ideas on the cycling market, passion, and lifestyle. 

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