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About Us

Everyone is fixated on something different, whether they realize it or not. This creates the energy to passionately pursue our dreams, aspirations, and/or fixations. When you jump on a Loco, our bikes make it effortless for you to jumpstart your individual dreams, while positively influencing our culture and environment. Miami’s ideal climate and uprising culture continue to shape our designs and innovations. Our way of life, to live fixated; everyone’s fixation is different, I am Fixated™.



Since 2010, Loco Fixie has been Miami’s brand in quality fixed gear, single speed bicycles. Our development within this niche has ensured every bike we deliver to market is manufactured to our stringent standards, and design. Carefully equipping our bikes with the best components and quality at our price points, has been the driving factor to our success,  and our name. Continuing to develop and expand our brand, along with developing first-ever designs like The FG Cruiser®, is what our customers have come to expect from Loco. As a result, along with the years of hard work and growth, Loco Fixie evolved into Loco Cycles. This move enabled us to continue offering first class products, and designs, as we tap into new markets beyond Fixed Gear. We continue to fine-tune our designs, functionality, and ability to provide customers with the fun edge they have been missing. Designed for individuals looking for something better, not just different.



 Biking is not just a hobby or a workout. It is a lifestyle! We believe that spreading positive health awareness can make our life more enjoyable and beneficial to all. Loco Cycles thrives in the opportunity to help you in your journey to a healthier and more enjoyable life on a bike, so you can reach life’s plans, in top form. We ensure that every customer service interaction with us is a cut above the rest!