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June 15, 2016



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Despite the numerous, seemingly convincing benefits of eating vegan, many of us, at least here in the United States, recoil in apprehension at the thought of eating a plant-based diet. Our adamance when it comes to sacrificing our meaty meals in turn for healthier alternatives is what accounts for some of the United States’ more undesirable accolades such as being ranked fifth place in beef consumption per capita, being within top ten of most obese countries, and Coronary Heart disease being the leading cause of death. Who can blame us though, bacon-wrapped meatloaf sounds a lot more appetizing than a bean and lentil loaf, right?

Wrong. Although the naming of certain recipes play a large role in our the emotional responses towards certain dishes, it is important to remember that you’re eating food and not words. For those of us struggling to find motivation in eating vegan, those at One Green Planet have made it easy for us. They understood the conflict between hearing about veganism and seeing (and finally cooking and eating) vegan. Their solution: Food Monster, an app that sexualizes vegan eating; sexualizing, in the regard to food porn that is. The app tempts us by solicitously showcasing mouth watering gifs, photos and detailed recipes of plant based meals.


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The digital cookbook showcases more than 5,000 recipes, with at least 10 new recipes added every day. Its main purpose according to cofounder Preeta Sinha is to “get more people to choose plant-based foods when they eat.”. She claims the app not only serves to tempt and provoke, but to further refer all with access to the app, regardless of income, to recipes that meet their dietary inclinations in which the required ingredients are easily accessible and manageable.

Food Monster launched on April 22, Earth Day and is now available exclusively for the iPhones on the App Store.

For more on Food Monster and its parent company, visit here.

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