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May 10, 2016

This Cinco De Mayo the Perez Art Museum transformed its outdoor veranda from its usual lounge type agenda into a more sporty, cardio encouraging atmosphere. On May 5, 2016, all cyclists in and around Miami were invited and encouraged to ride their bikes to the newly built museum in order to kick off a new initiative coined Cycle de Mayo. The initiative enticed riders all throughout the county to cycle rather than drive in effort to provoke a rise in use within Miami’s bicycle community, as well as an effort to drive home the message of personal fitness and exercise during the month of May, National Bike Month.


Kicked off by the Cycle De Mayo event, the initiative opened up the museum audience to a new demographic of individuals who may or may not have been prompted to visit the museum prior to the date. The event marked the beginning of free admission offered to anyone who arrived at PAMM by bike throughout National Bike Month. Aside from the fact that anyone with a bike could just pull up at the museum's foyer, whether it be from the south end, riding through the Museums Park’s bayfront path, or directly from the west or north arriving from the bustle of Biscayne Boulevard, and be granted free admittance, riders and visitors alike were greeted by free bicycle checkups handled by Brickell Bikes, a bicycle valet hosted by the Green Mobility Network, live performances by Afrobeta on the waterfront terrace and a Cinco De Mayo inspired happy hour.



Amongst all the bike tuning, feel good dancing, and martini sipping the Perez Art Museum Miami also held an ongoing raffle of two donated custom built Loco Cycles FG Cruisers®. The bikes popped out against the brutalist architecture and substantial greenery of the museum. PAMM opened the raffle to anyone willing to Instagram a photo posed in front of the hybrid cruisers whilst holding a card featuring whimsical quotes such as “when in doubt, pedal it out”. Upon posting the photo raffle contestants were prompted to create a caption featuring the hashtag #BiketoPAMM. The event, raffle, and bikes proved to be a hit; by practically removing the monetary entry barrier and replacing it with what could be seen as a commonality, visitors of all kinds wandered throughout the galleries and pathways of PAMM.  Not only were bikes given out to the community for free, but the impact of the social media hashtagging alone gave momentum to the whole Cycle de Mayo initiative inducing a surge in cyclist traffic throughout the general area surrounding the museum.







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And here are the winners of the bike raffle with their custom PAMM bikes by Loco Cycles!



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