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5 Amazing Snacks Perfect for Cyclists or Anyone On-the-Go

July 27 2015 – Rudy Marquez

5 Amazing Snacks Perfect for Cyclists or Anyone On-the-Go
5 Amazing Snacks Perfect for Cyclists or Anyone On-the-Go

When you are on a ride, on-the-go, coming in and out of places, and realize you don’t have time for a sit-down meal? Having any of these quick bites handy in your bag could give you a boost of energy, satisfy your hunger and crazy schedule at the same time.

  1. Beef Jerky + Toasted Coconut


You can eat the jerky separately or together with the organic coconut chunks. This nutrition-rich blend can replace a meal and provide long-lasting energy, perfect for on-the-go occasions. The smoky and savory jerky meat combined with the refreshingly semi-sweet coconut flakes, are packed with protein, omega 3, niacin, antioxidants, and many more. Since 2012, EPIC has been making grass-fed meat based snack products combining nutritional ingredients like fruits & nuts to provide you with energy to fuel your day of activities.

“For athletes, grass-fed meat is particularly favorable in that it contains up to twice the levels of conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, which promotes the development of lean muscle tissue and lowers the risk for a myriad of other health problems.” -Quoted from Epic


  1. Luna Bars

Luna bars are healthy and filling snack bars that are mainly marketed towards women. But they are so delicious that we want everyone and not just women to try them! Just like Kind Bars, they offer many flavors and combinations that everyone will find a favorite of their own. They are packed w/ protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins. They are gluten free, 70% organic and low glycemic.   LUNA

  1. Homemade Tuna & Grape Sandwich Bites

This light tuna and grape sandwich recipe we are about to share with you is equal to a nutrient-rich one-dish meal which can be cut into bite sized pieces. This delicious snack is packed with protein, healthy fats called omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. You’d be surprised how well and tasty the sweetness of grapes goes together with the tuna salad.

Quick Recipe:

Mix 1 canned tuna, 1 cup seedless grapes cut in halves, ½ cup chopped onions, 2/3 cup light Mayo, dashes of dill weed, salt & pepper. Once all blended, spread the mixture between 2 slices of bread of your choice. Press them together and then cut them into bite sized pieces. If you don’t want your bread to get soggy, try switching to tortillas wraps, roll up the tortilla with tuna mixture and then cut them into bite sized pieces instead. Wrap them with foil paper and pack into a ziplock bag, Voila!  


  1. Kind Bar

There is no doubt Kind Bars are so popular because it just is an overall awesome tasty snack which comes with a variety of healthy nuts, fruits, grains, antioxidants, sweet or savory, with no GMO & gluten. There are TONS of different flavors and combinations to choose from. One tiny bar gives you plenty of fuel. Kindbar


  1. Banana & Peanut Butter

One banana and few tablespoons of peanut butter in a bowl or cup. This is world’s simplest self-prepared snack. Yet it is also filling, healthy, refreshing, energizing, and economic all in one. Tip: If you don’t like eating oxidized brown-looking bananas, make sure you sprinkle the sliced up banana pieces with a bit of lemon juice to prevent them from turning brown.