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August 31, 2015

- Photo from Raffaella via Flickr

For all the ladies out there, who want to look fabulous on two wheels, the ladies from Penny In Yo’ Pants have came up with this simple yet ingenious gadget that allows you to ride with your skirt or dress without flashing your underwear to everyone on the street.

First, wrap a penny in the center of your skirt, placing the coin in the rear side first. Then, secure the penny with a rubber band. It’s that simple! Check out their video:

Penny In Yo' Pants: The Prototype from Penny in Yo' Pants on Vimeo.

Since then, Penny In Yo’ Pants has received worldwide attention and gained over 3.3 million hits on the video. They have also created an improved version that looks much sleeker. And for every Penny in Yo' Pants you buy – they will donate 5% of the sale to support the Afghanistan Women’s Cycling team who are defying repressive tradition by getting on their bikes and competing for their country.

Now you can ride in style and support women who are changing their country one ride at a time. 

More on the brave Afghan women who are defying the gender barriers and putting their lives at risk for the simple pleasure of cycling. Check out Afghan Cycles.



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