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Jobs on Bikes

November 15 2018 – Rudy Marquez

Jobs on Bikes
Jobs on Bikes

Cycling is an excellent way to keep healthy while having fun. Unlike other forms of exercises that leave you drained and fatigued, cycling rejuvenates your whole system leaving you brimming with vibrant health. While most people enjoy cycling for recreation, some cyclists have the fun and still get paid. Here are top jobs on the bikes:

  1. Bike Courier - In big cities where traffic jam is a significant problem, bike courier can save your day. A bike can easily find its way through the traffic and reach the destination within the timelines. Also, bike couriers can use shortcuts that huge courier vans cannot squeeze through hence saving time and satisfying customers through timely deliveries. 
  2. Bike Advertisement- If you have never thought of your bicycle as anything other than a cycling machine then you will be surprised to know about bike advertising. Every person who happens to look at the bike will get the information on the mini-billboard and perhaps get the urge of trying the product on the advert.
  3. Bike Taxi- Bike taxi drivers, or Rickshaw drivers are chauffeurs on a bike! They can be found in many cities like Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, etc. A very popular way to get around and explore a city by tourists. Be prepared to pull heavy weight as you could be carrying up to 2-3 passengers at a time.
  4. Blog Writer- If you have a passion for traveling and the nomadic lifestyle, you can perhaps create a blog by posting photos and writings from your journey on a bike. To garner followings, be sure to make it inspiring and entertaining.
  5. Tour Guide- Being that most cyclists are adventurers, they are the perfect people to be tour guides. The job of a bike tour guide is to help tourists find local tourist sites. Because you will be taking the group of tourists for a ride within your neighborhood, you will decide the sites they see or do not see. Now, this is the perfect job for a biker who knows his area well and has a lot of time to indulge his adventurer's spirits.  
  6. Cycling Coach- If you have enough experience as a cyclist and has the patience of a trainer then you can be a cycling coach. With so many people getting into biking for health reasons, you can have limitless opportunities for coaching cyclists. Also, you can establish yourself as a cycling sporting coach, just ensure you have enough credibility to handle your clients.
  7.  Newspaper Distributor- Every morning newspaper companies rely on timely delivery of their newspapers. In major cities, the morning hours when the papers are to be distributed are usually mired by traffic jam making it nearly impossible for vans to navigate. Bike newspaper distributors can cut through the traffic with speed hence saving time and improving sales.

To check out more bike-related jobs, check out this list of 30 most interesting cycling jobs. If you land a good job on the bike, you might even leave your office job for a more fulfilling life experience.  ;)