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Loco Tales from a Loco Customer: "The Day My Life Changed with a Loco Cycle"

October 20 2022 – Rudy Marquez

Loco Tales from a Loco Customer: "The Day My Life Changed with a Loco Cycle"
Loco Tales from a Loco Customer: "The Day My Life Changed with a Loco Cycle"

 I never thought that I was going to look forward to getting on the road each day. If I'm going to go somewhere, my attitude is that I'll use my own two feet. I’m a goal-setter with a go-getter mindset. I'm only in my second-year as a med student at the University of Miami, but I put in the work in every aspect of my life. I arrive at school at 8 am and don't leave until well after 5pm, and any moment in between I’m studying hard so I can make the most of my education. Even when it’s the nights or weekends, I’m pushing myself to the limit with gym sessions and getting in as many hours as I can spare at my job. Everyone says I don’t know how to slow down, but hey, I take that as a compliment.

Still, not everything was all paradise for me. Even with the hours I was fitting in with my job, I was struggling to afford all the rides to my classes and back. With rent up and rideshares getting more expensive than ever, I was feeling the pressure. When I had a chance to get lunch with my best friend, I mentioned the problem of not being able to afford a car, but that ubers were getting too expensive to do every day. This guy’s had my back since middle school, so I knew he wasn’t going to lecture me - I already get enough of those during the week. The dude suggested that I take my natural drive to do things for myself, and put it towards getting a bicycle. I laughed him off, but it wasn't a bad idea. If there's two things I like, it's staying fit and avoiding the long waiting times with Ubers or Lyfts. The more I thought about it, the better getting a bike sounded. It would be dependable as a commuter, and I could take the gym with me, instead of rushing at the end of the day to find an available treadmill. 

 After a long day of classes, I decided to go back to my apartment and look on google to search for some affordable, good-quality bikes. I came across, and it was clear from the start I was in the right place. As I scrolled down through the stylishly-made bikes they had, I could see there was so much to choose from, like hybrid bikes or fixies. Reading about the company, I found that they are a local Miami brand that’s been around for over a decade, and they primarily focus on fixies and hybrid bikes that are specially-made for the commuter. This was exactly what I needed; a bike designed for guys like me who were trying to stay healthy while getting us from point A to point B. I could drop the monster Uber fees and put that money to jumpstarting my dreams. And I realized that the price of healthy living is cheaper than an Uber ride!


I scrolled through the fixies and hybrid bikes to see which one I liked the best. Finally, I came across the City-X hybrid- The MVP. Looking it all over, seeing the beauty and the benefits that the MVP could bring to an MVP like me, something just clicked: It was perfect! From the lightweight frame making it easy to carry, to having 24 gears that put me in charge of my own pace, the bike had it all. I almost couldn’t believe it - had exactly the kind of ride I needed, and I can honestly say it was the best inexpensive or affordable hybrid bicycle I’d seen anywhere. Even the online reviews were telling me that was a cut above the rest.

Buying a bike online isn’t exactly easy when you can't see the bike in person so I definitely appreciated that had the online support system to ask any questions I had to ensure I would be happy with my purchase. Like clockwork, the next day the bike arrived at my place for free - I didn’t even have to pay shipping.

True to’s word on their website, when the bike arrived, it was already 85% assembled, which offers to alleviate the stress for customers. As handy as that was, I was already stressed from a long day at my classes and I needed to get to work. Luckily, the next day was one that I had off, so I took it to a local dealer, The Miami Bike Shop down on Biscayne Blvd, where I could get the service I needed. Easy as could be, they finished putting together the bike and took care of a few other things like adjusting the seat for me. In only two days I had ditched the ride shares and was ready to ramp up my lifestyle.

It’s no lie when I say that when I left the bike shop that day, my whole life changed for the better. Now that I’m riding my bike instead of taking ubers, I avoid the hectic downtown traffic and take the scenic route to school. Most mornings I’m able to arrive early enough to do some extra studying with my friends or get ready for my other classes. I even started a routine where on the weekends that I’m free, I bike to the beach to relax or even get in a little extra exercise. Plus, it’s opened me up to a bunch of the local cycling groups. The City X hybrid- The MVP bike has been with me every step of the way, and has made life a lot more fun and healthy. Even when school is at its most stressful, having this bike has helped me unwind and support my mental health in a non-toxic way. Drop the apps - when it comes to accessibly-priced, good quality bikes, will have your back like they had mine, with a great friendly support system designed to make picking up your next bike as easy and fun as possible.