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Got Your Bike Ready? May is Bike Month!

May 01 2022 – Rudy Marquez

Got Your Bike Ready? May is Bike Month!
Got Your Bike Ready? May is Bike Month!

May Bike Month is here! When did you last ride your bicycle? If you ride often, it is good for you. If you don't, this is your chance. A chance for you to get to the saddle and do some muscle exercise. To make the world cleaner and greener.

What is May Bike Month?

May Bike Month came about in 1956 and has been a culture since then. Usually, May 1st is recognized as the National Ride A Bike Day, and the week of May 16th to 22nd is marked as Bike To Work Week. During this month, whether you are cycling for fun, going to work, or having a trip, you become part of the movement advocating for safer streets, connected communities, happier people, and a healthier planet.

Get your Bicycle, ride for fun, and exercise!

May Bike Month is fun. Take out your bicycle and ride to work. Make your daily errands fun and physical. Ride your way to the coffee shop. Ride together with your family when going out for trips. If you enjoy morning runs, do it differently this month. Ride your bike.

Cycling has been among the most efficient ways to exercise. If you are afraid of gyms, then cycling is a solution for you. Cycling increases your cardiovascular fitness and gives your muscles strength and flexibility. It will also help you burn excess fat, so you may not need special therapy or a diet to lose weight. Simply ride your bike. Cycling is relieving, it will help you decrease stress.

Need a bike for May Bike Month?

Cycling has a lot more benefits, and the May Bike Month is here to remind you to jump on that bicycle and enjoy the riding. If you don't have one, Loco Cycles are offering quality bikes at a discounted price. Get $50 off on each bike you purchase online at automatically on checkout. Get in touch with us today for more information.