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Fun & Safe: The Best Bicycles for Kids

April 06 2022 – Rudy Marquez

Fun & Safe: The Best Bicycles for Kids
Fun & Safe: The Best Bicycles for Kids

A child's first bicycle is a thrilling milestone. Nothing beats the joy on a child's face when they realize they have their very own, brand new bicycle. As a parent, you have likely anticipated this moment as well. Soon, you'll be teaching your little one how to ride that bike up and down the street. Of course, the first step is to find the best bicycle sale for your child.

Bicycles for All Ages

Loco Cycles offers top quality bikes for kids of various ages. The Loco Kids Bikes are available in three sizes: 12", 16", and 20". They are all made with an aluminum frame for a lightweight, durable, and safe riding experience.

Loco Kids 12"

The 12" bicycles are best for children ages 2-4, and they come with training wheels that are removable. Although a balance bike might be a much better option for kids at this young age, this Loco 12" bike is a great option for children who have been gliding around on a balance bike and are ready to transition onto two-wheelers. 

Loco Kids 16"

The Loco Kids 16" bicycles are generally for children ages 5-8, and they also come with detachable training wheels as well as coaster brake. It is suitable for new pedal riders, as they feel more comfortable and have more confidence transitioning to pedaling on their own, the training wheels can finally come off. 

Loco Kids 20"

The 20" frames usually fit ages 7-10. They are made of aluminum which is lightweight but durable. They also feature an additional front handbrake besides the rear coaster brake. Since knowing how to handle hand brakes are crucial for youngsters to learn and get up to adult riding, this hand brake is great to help them learn to grasp the cycling concept a bit better. The Loco Kids 20" bike is also perfect for riding in neighborhoods and parks. You can add any accessories to the kids' bikes as well, such as kids' bicycle bells.

Designed to be Unique, Built to be Strong

To make cycling even more exciting for little ones, each size is available in multiple colors for both boys and girls. The Loco Cycles kid collection includes bright reds and pinks, classic neutrals, and colorful bubble patterns. Little boys are sure to love The Zap Machine, while little girls  will adore the The Baby Pink. Loco Cycles offers the best colorful kids' bicycles for every child.

Children enjoy the colorful appearances, but you know that kids' bike safety features are important. Underneath each of these unique designs is a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame that is built to last. Being lightweight is crucial for small children, who may struggle with heavier materials. At Loco Cycles, kids' bicycle seats are made from synthetic leather, for maximum comfort and durability. There is no need to worry about the kids' seats wearing out or causing discomfort for your child. 

Quality Loco Bikes

Having the best kids' bikes give children a sense of freedom, and parents a sense of relief in knowing that their child will be safe on a quality bicycle. Loco Cycles is committed to providing the best bicycle experience for every parent and child, whether you are shopping for their first bike, upgrading to a bigger size, or need a bike to pull your kid's bicycle trailer. To get started, check out this collection of the best kids bicycle.