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The Difference In A Loco Fixie

March 08 2022 – Rudy Marquez

The Difference In A Loco Fixie
The Difference In A Loco Fixie

Are you in search for a quality bike? We're inviting you to take a look at our lineup at Loco Cycles. 

The Loco Cycles Way

At Loco Cycles, we have over a decade of experience putting some of the best-looking Fixies nationwide, especially on the streets and beaches of Miami, Florida. Since 2011 we've been crafting quality fixed gear bikes with parts and components from only the most reputable manufacturers that lead the way in their respective fields.

This means you get a finished product that's durable, dependable, and will stand up to the test of time whether you bike or try to stay fit or just want to have fun!

Even though our first love and specialty was the Fixie, our expertise doesn't stop there. We also provide some of the finest:

  • Single Speed Bicycles
  • Hybrid Bikes
  • Commuter Bikes
  • Urban Bikes
  • Comfort Bikes
  • Fully Geared Bikes

Loco Cycles has something for everybody!

Why Loco Cycles?

There's a reason why Miami and surrounding areas pick Loco Cycles as their leading source for quality bikes of all types. We've served many happy customers – including Miami locals, vacationers, and everyone in between!

When you choose a quality ride from Loco Cycles, you're guaranteed to get:

  • A top-notch ride made from only the most dependable parts sourced from the leading manufacturers in the industry
  • A comfortable bike that you can use for all types of riding
  • An eye-catching, great-looking bike with unique and vibrant finishings – one that's sure to make you stand out from the crowd!
  • A one-of-a-kind customer service experience that you'll never forget

Our goal is to provide you with a bike you can be proud of that rides well and looks good, too! When you do business with us, our service always matches the quality of our bikes – because we know when you become a Loco Cycles customer, you're a customer for life. 

If you're in Miami or any of the surrounding areas or plan on visiting anytime in the near future, come and see us at our shop and get fitted for the comfortable and stylish bike you've always wanted! For more information about any of our quality bikes or other services and products we offer, check out the Loco Cycles website