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Stay Moving to Stay Alive: 3 Reasons to Take Up Cycling

April 02 2021 – Rudy Marquez

Stay Moving to Stay Alive: 3 Reasons to Take Up Cycling
Stay Moving to Stay Alive: 3 Reasons to Take Up Cycling

Sometimes the world seems so dangerous. We worry about accidents, cancer, and criminals potentially lurking around the corner. Actually, there's a much quieter, much closer concern that many of us overlook.

Inactivity is currently the world's fourth leading cause of death. It's a problem often confused and conflated with laziness and personal choice, but in reality the issue is geographic, systemic, and woven into the structure of modern living. (EuroNews)

That statement may sound shocking, but the numbers back it up.

  • 1.5 billion people around the world are so inactive they are risking their long-term physical health
  • 5.3 million people die each year from causes related to inactive living

This is a particular concern for children. If they are not active enough when they are young, they could deal with poor cardio, weak bones, and chronic illnesses for the rest of their lives. 

Inactivity is terrible for the body. Unfortunately, some seasons in life make it more difficult for us to stay active than others. During the pandemic, with lockdowns, work-from-home, and virtual schooling, many people were likely to be less active than they ever had been before. 

In some cases, however, since all activities were closed off except for sidewalks, parks, and the open air, many people have found their perspectives on outdoor exercise shifting.

This is great news.

As we learned in the statistics above, it's in our best interests to find ways to stay moving.  In some cases, movement will literally help us live longer!

If you're looking for ways to stay active, we suggest you take up cycling.

3 Reasons to Take Up Cycling

Though there are many benefits to cycling, here are a few that especially stand out. 

1. Cycling is great for beginners.

While many workout routines have high skill thresholds, require special coaching, or involve intense physical exertion, cycling is relatively easy for beginners. You can always increase your speed, distance, and intensity down the road; but for getting started, all you have to do is strap on a helmet, swing your leg over the bike, and start peddling. 

2. Cycling gets you outside.

While some people do choose to cycle indoors, outdoor cycling is extremely popular. When your cycling takes you outside, you not only get the benefits of movement, but you can also enjoy the fresh air and sunshine (which can help your body produce healthy amounts of vitamin D). 

3. Cycling is low-impact.

If you want to be more active but are worried about the stress on your joints, cycling is a great low-impact option for keeping fit and building muscle and cardio without straining your body. 

No Reason to Wait 

There's never been a better time to get started with cycling.

Choose a bike that works for you, plan a safe and enjoyable route, and get moving!