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Wynwood Brewery's Pop's Porter-Themed Bicycle by Loco Cycles

December 13 2015 – Ezekiel Binns

Wynwood Brewery's Pop's Porter-Themed Bicycle by Loco Cycles
Wynwood Brewery's Pop's Porter-Themed Bicycle by Loco Cycles



 In celebration of their recent achievements, the one and only, Wynwood Brewery Co. is partnering with Loco Cycles to collaborate on a very special project, a Pop's Porter Themed Bicycle!

The Brewery, located in Miami’s rising Wynwood Arts District recently won an award from the Great American Beer Festival for their signature Pop's Porter Beer. Despite it being praised as the ‘golden beer’, due to its golden medal placement in being for the best Robust Porter award for its exceptional taste and quality, Pop’s Porter actually consists of a “varied blend of roasted malts” contributing to what appears to be a darker, cafe color. Due to the selected malts the beer fumes a comforting roasty aroma that fuses with nuances of chocolate and coffee creating an overall very rewarding pre-sip inhale.

Coined after co-owner Luis “Pops” Brignoni, Pop’s Porter was the only beer to be placed within golden status from the from Florida, with others . The competition held by the GABF is unarguably the most recognized and exalted competition for American produced beer in the states. Therefore, to commemorate such an achievement and for putting Dade on the map, it was only right for us here at LOCO to collaborate with our fellow local, and that we did.

Honoring Pop’s Porter, we designed and constructed the epitome of a bike inspired by the beer. The treaded wheels nearly color match with the beer head, almost forcing you to envision riding through a trail of sea foam. Contrasting with the ivory/creamish tone of wheels are the series of stark black tubes that span across the bike creating the a striking frame and fork that resembles the darkest depths of the Porter. You’re reminded of the chocolates and coffee’s subtle cameo when looking at the leather crafted features including a reddish-brown saddle with grips and pedal cages to match. Just as the term ‘Pop’s’ gives off a old school vibe, the bike does the same featuring chrome details such as rims, vintage mustache styled handlebars and crank. Pop’s Porter is currently only available for purchase by the tap right now, and in light of this the bike features the very special addition of a leather growler holder that not only matches with the saddle’s brownish tone but also attaches to the rear of the saddle.



In case you have missed the unveiling event of the Pop's Porter bike, and if you’re old enough to drink, we highly recommend you pay Wynwoods Brewery Co. a visit and fill up on some of their award winning beer. Regardless of your age or sobriety status, doors are open to all and it costs nothing to witness the bike’s glory as it is being seamlessly suspended from the ceiling of the store.